The Bus Conductor

His real name is Hartop Sinaga, but he called Bagudung, means sewer rat. Tall build, 30 years old. Heavy smoker. Out-spoken personality. Act first think later kind of guy. Political background : “why should I care?!”

When he was a kid, he was found in the sewer by Amang, the bus driver. Now he’s the most loyal person to the bus driver. Bagudung always thinks of himself as a knowing person. He can’t read but always speak loud.

The Bus Driver

Real name is Zakaria Zulfikar, his nickname is Amang, means the elderly. 55 years old, born in Sampar the conflicted area. Have been driving the bus for 25 years.

He has three kids: one’s a bachelor degree, one is in college, and one is 6 year-old. He puts the photos of his family at the dashboard. He stopped smoking because the smallest kid has an asthma. Pro to Sampar militants. Always put his passengers’ safety as top priority.

The Reporter

Real name is Yuda Ardiman. Yuda means a war tactician, Ardiman means robust like a mountain. People call him Yuda. 30 years old. He’s a freelance reporter, often goes to difficult places to cover, earns his living by selling news and pictures. He’s a widower.

His wife worked in a local red cross organization an died a year ago, killed in the middle of gun fire in a conflict area. This makes him not afraid of death, and always opt for high-risk tasks.

He’s journey to Sampar is pretty much the same like his other journeys: a dangerous mission of humanism and as a mean to keep his wife out of his mind. The SLR camera he have was from his wife. A special gift with millions of meaning and memories.

The College Girl

Her name is Annisa Satirah, means the girl who conceals sin. 23 years old. Pretty, always wears hijab. She borns in Sampar, the only child. Her parents were forced to support the militant’s movement from time to time, by giving money or food.

She chose to continue her study to medical school at Rampak, a bigger city outside Sampar. One time she was demanded by the militants to give aid to the soldiers. She tried to help, but in return she got raped. She didn’t have the courage to tell this to her parents, and chose to move on. Then, at Rampak, she realized she got pregnant, and decided to go home to tell her parents.

The Old Woman

Her name is Nur ibn Saidin. 65 years old. Moslem, wears hijab. Dark-skinned and skinny. She likes to spend her time reading small Qur’an. Doesn’t talk much. She thinks high of eastern tradition and culture.

She has a 4 year-old granddaughter under her care, because of the long-term ongoing conflict in Sampar, she choose to move to Rampak and live safely with her granddaughter there.

She got a news that hers only son and his spouse just died in one of the conflict. The house was burned while they’re inside. Now she would go to Sampar to visit her son’s graveyard.

The Granddaughter

Laila means night. 4 years old. Sweet sweet face. Wide eyes. Curly hair. Not a shy kid. Willing to talk to strangers. Love candies. Love magic tricks.

The Girlfriend

Her name is Dien Kumala. called Mala. 18 years old. Moslem but not wearing a hijab. Born and raised in the city of Rampak. She has a boyfriend, but her parents don’t like him because he has no job and kinda lazy. But Mala loves him anyway.

The big fight between Mala and her parents makes she decides to go out of Rampak, along with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend also said that he will get a decent job. There’s a natural resource company that offers job vacancy in Sampar. They just simply want to stay together and get a better life.

The Boyfriend

Rifat is 22 years old. Moslem. Highest education is high school. He works as a cellphone voucher vendor, just sitting there with no things to do. He got bored and quits. His parents have a small workshop to fix motorcycles. He doesn’t want to help them. He’s more concerned about his love life with Mala.

Mala’s parents doesn’t like him. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he just doesn’t have the courage to say things to make their relationship works

The NGO Guy

Idrus Jihadi. 35 years old. He works in a non-profit organization that concerns for victim of conflicts. He’s not a field-type worker. He’s a behind the desk man. He finds out that his colleagues are missing in action, and chooses to go out by himself to find their whereabouts.

The Blind Man

Luthfy is a 40 year-old blind man.Agnostic. Blind from birth. He has a golden voice,beautiful Malayan melody. He lives in Haba island, 6 hours by boat from Sampar, the outer most island from the country. There’s only women living in the island. All men were sent to the conflict and never got back.

He earns his living by singing anywhere. He would come back to the island every two weeks to give money to his family. He’s pretty much neutral to the situation.

The Money Man

Real name is Umar ibn Taib. People call him Pak Umar. 50 years old. Moslem. Fat. Stinky. Dark-skinned. He lives in a small village near Sampar, called Lam Puteh. People here look up to him. He goes to big city and return with fortune. He helps build his village. He loved his grandson so much that he will buy anything for him.

He always thinks that in the end, money talks.

The Messenger

The name is Mahdi. 40 years old. Skinny. Courageous guy, not afraid of death. Right hand man of the highest rank of the Sampar militants. He always writes what happens in every negotiation between Sampar and the government.

After the final negotiation that broke down, he was told to give an important letter to the leader of Sampar. It’s an order for the people of Sampar, but nobody knows what is it all about.